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Partly because Innovative Future is a small & comparatively new freelance web design consultancy, & partly due to our rural location on the borders of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire & Warwickshire we can offer highly competitive prices. Innovative Future specialise in creating accessible, standards-compliant web site designs for professional or personal application.

Despite being highly competitively priced each Innovative Future project is individually tailored & hand coded utilising X)HTML, CSS, & where necessary PHP, MySql & JavaScript to suit your requirements.

Basic Packages*
Basic Standard Enhanced Premium
Space (Mb's) 2 10 25 50
Bandwidth (Mb's/month) 50 100 300 500
1 year's Domain name 1 2 4 6
Pages 2 10 20 50
MySql Database None 1 3 5
Shopping Basket None None 1 1
Number of Products None None 25 1000 +
Hosting Price/month 5 15 25 50
Site Cost-1 off 220 500 750 1000

* approximate prices subject to change


For our hosting we only use UK servers housed at one of the UK's leading datacentres, Redbus Meridian Gate in the London Docklands. We do this because we believe the increased speed with less 'hops' between server and end user, increased support when operating in the same country, and the servers being more accessible for service outweigh the slightly higher price. There is also a common belief that search engines favour sites with a domain that are hosted on UK based servers and IP addresses.

We've minimised the price difference by negotiatiing the best deals because we want to provide the best service available for our customers at a reasonable price. There is a very slight price difference so of course if you're aware of the trade off and make an informed decision then we can and will provide you with hosting abroad....we don't recommend it but just ask us and we'll arrange it all for you.

* Where you see text like this you can hover your mouse for hints

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